Disable App Notifications in Android in seconds!

Posted by Shan the caliph
Article was originally published at Bach authors. Here's a link to the original build.

Let-say you use to recieve too many notifications in your Droid's notification panel, and the whole thing is really annoying and complicated. You always wanted to control the notifications that appear in the panel.

It may also consume some extra RAM and juice of your device. However you can use a simple trick that will give you the such control, and you donot need to root your device to enjoy the feature. The whole process will take less than 10 seconds. So lets get started.

Disable app notification in android:

1; Long press one of the notification, you never want to see again in the notification panel, until a popup, saying "App info" appears.

2; Click on the popup and you will be taken to application manager, the same place you can clear the cache of any app as well. Here uncheck the option saying "Show Notification".


If due to some reason you aren't able to access the application manager via long press, you can always navigate to the place manually. Here's how:

1; Navigate to Settings > Application manager. Here look for the app, notification for which you want to disable. Click on the app and uncheck the "Show Notification" option.

Do let me know:

Facing any problem while navigating to Application manager, disabling Show notification option or during anyother step, do let me know in comments
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These websites can reveal your gender!

Like anything else, you can use online tools to reveal someone's gender as well. Web history, writing samples, online content and a few other things are used as Input factors to display the results.

A user guide to setup autoresponder in Gmail

Posted by Shan the caliph
Content originally appeared at Bach authors. Here's a link to original build

Their are times when you are to take a break and most of the people prefer to go to some cool place to accomplish their rest need. Chances are, you haven't included reading emails in your vacation to-do list, as you have planned to take a break from technology as well.

Let-say you decided to leave for trip, someone really important sends you an email message and theirs no follow up to his/her mail. Ultimately, the person might get displeased. You surely will not like such situations.

One way is, before leaving, simply send each of the important personalities a personalized message regarding your trip. Alternatively, you can configure your mail client to do the same job for you. If you are using Hotmail as your mail client, do check this post. If you are using Gmail then below is the workaround for you.

Setting up autoresponder in Gmail:

1; Sign in to your Gmail account, use this link for the purpose.

2; Click on settings icon on the right and from the dropdown choose "Settings".

3; Here look for the option saying "Out of Office reply". Turn it on and write the personalized message, you want to be sent when someone sends you an email, while you are on vacation. Secondly, you can specify the exact date, till when you want the auto reply to be sent(your vacation time).

4; One done hit "Save changes" and you are good to go.

Do let me know:

Facing any problem while Navigating to settings, need ideas on personalized message or want suggestions on anyother step, do let me know in comments
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Here's how a blogger actually thinks(Infographics)

Posted by Shan the caliph
Each blogger has many thoughts in his mind every second. He thinks about creating new content, sharing the word, Guest posting, Commenting on other blogs, making money from him platform, Increasing the number of visitors and many other factors. Every next blogger plans to create something unique that result in High traffic, reputition and money as well.
Keeping all of the above factors in mind, Infolinks(In-text advertising) has created an Infographic, having the thoughts and plans of a blogger embeded in it.
Blogger brain stats
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A simple trick to let you watch Adult videos on youtube without any Account!

Posted by Shan the caliph 2 Comments
Youtube is the largest collection of videos, that cover almost each and every topic of the world. You will find How-to, Gaming, Hacking, Music, Films and many other sort of videos there. Likewise, adult content, let-say voilence, sex and explicit language videos are available in directory of Youtube as well. But their's however a restriction, you must have a youtube account to view those videos, as they ask to verify your age to be 18+

Chances are that you donot want to login to your account or donot possess one or, are not able to log in to your account. Like, countries where youtube is banned, people use to access the video site via proxy servers like Zend2 and Youtubeunblocker that donot allow users to Login. Thus they cannot view 18+ videos. There's however a simple workaround that might come in handy.

Simply copy the youtube video URL, the one that is 18+, and modify it the way shown below(replace xxxxxxxxxxx with video ID)





Now paste the modified URL in your browser window or any proxy site, afterwards hit enter. Video should now start playing without any restriction.

There's another method as well. Simply copy the Youtube video ID(xxxxxxxxxxx) and paste in below URL.


Som videos have Embed option disabled, for those second option might not work.
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Check availability of your desired Username for Social sites in One go!

Posted by Shan the caliph
Let-say you want to create a profile on most social sites and planning to use the same username for all of them. Chances are that a username is available for some of them only and in rest, are reserved. If you are planning to promote your brand or your website or so on social media, using a single username will really prove usefull. You can brand yourself via that Name as well.

One way is to visit each of them and check whether your desired name is available or not. But this is a very time consuming task and no one will like it. Secondly, you can use a simple tool that allows you to check whether the name you are planning to use is available for social sites or not.

Simply visit the tool(Usernamecheck) and search for your desired username. In a second or two, results wil be displayed. You will be shown the availablity for 20 social sites(Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Tumblr and more).

Tool also allows you to Reserve your desired username for any number of Social sites, In case you are planning to use that name after some time, and want to make sure that name will be available whenever you go for it. But you will have to pay $99 for the purpose. That is too much for the task. Actually the tool makes a profile by that name on your selected Social sites on your behalf.

Article originally appeared at Bachauthors. Here's a link to original build
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Feedburner Tips and tricks to get the most out of it!

Posted by Shan the caliph
Feedburner is Google's official Email marketing/delievery service that is used by millions of Bloggers and webmasters. Strong background gives it lead over other Competitors like Feedblitz and Feedcat. It is however not good as Aweber and Mailchimp but close.

Their are many things people usually donot know about Feedburner like, how to modify emails?, how to change the time of delievery? how to optimize the feed for most Readers? and many other. Lets investigate the tool to a deeper level(I am assuming that you have already setup Feedburner with your blog/website)

Want to explore some of the most essential Feedburner features?, Visit here(Bach authors)
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These Keyboard shortcuts can help you in many situations

Posted by Shan the caliph
Keyboard shortcuts_Flickr

You can always take help from Windows shortcuts when you want instant response and save some time as well. Their are shortcuts for almost every Function in Windows that come handy in various situations. Like, "Ctrl+Backspace" lets you delete the whole word that you just typed, while "Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys" helps you when you are to select the text really fast.

Similarly, if you are working on some Web browser and hit "Ctrl++" then you will be able to zoom in webpage. Alternatively, you can use "Ctrl+-" to Zoom out. Likewise "Ctrl+0" will take everything to default.

You are on a webpage and want to search for something else. You might be using your mouse to edit the browser window and enter the URL or search term. You can however use "Ctrl+L" to select the Browser window, ultimately deducting mouse from the list.

Want to quickly lock your computer? The fastest solution would be using "Windows key+L".

In case you want to close only the current tab of your browser, "Ctrl+W" will surely come in handy. Similarly, you can use "Alt+Home" to convert any tab into New one, closing the current webpage blazingly fast.

No need to manually scroll the current webpage using Up and down arrow keys or via mouse, using "Spacebar" and "Shift+Spacebar" will also work(respectively). In case you want to search for something on a webpage or so, Simply hit "Ctrl+F" and you are all set.

Woking on some project, let-say creating an assignment via Microsoft word. You are done now and want to save it somewhere on your computer. One way is to manually save via choosing File > Save/Save as. Alternatively, you can use "Ctrl+S" that will surely save 5-10 seconds.

Want to open the properties of any File or folder. You can always do so by Right clicking and choosing "Properties". Else, you can use "Alt+double click" to do the job.

Content was originally Published at "Bach authors". Here's a link to original build
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